Wine Tour Areas

*Most examples are based upon weekend reservations; weekday winery examples can be found at the bottom of the page.

Santa Cruz Mountains West Tours: Most of these tours will stay on the Santa Cruz side of the mountains and sometimes extend into the Summit Area.

Example: We will start in the Corralitos Area, where some of the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the appellation is grown, visiting Nicholson and Alfaro and picnicking at your choice, depending on the timing. After tasting here we can either visit other Corralitos wineries such as Windy Oaks and Pleasant Valley, or we can head back to the Soquel Area to finish our day at Soquel Vineyards and Bargetto (or we could visit a couple wineries in the Summit area?... it's up to you). Finally, your tour guide will return your group to the location of your choice.

Santa Cruz Mountains East Tours: Most of these tours will start on the San Jose side of the mountains, winding through the foothills of Cupertino, Saratoga, and Los Gatos, while sometimes ending up in the Summit Area.

Example: We will begin the tour at the esteemed Ridge Vineyards before heading down the hill to Pichetti; we can picnic at either location depending on timing and your group’s preference. Then we will head to House before ending at Savannah-Channelle or Testarossa. Finally, your tour guide will return your group to the location of your choice.

Santa Cruz Mountains Summit Tours: While these tours will focus largely on the wineries in the Summit Area, we can also venture down either side of the mountains to check out some of our other favorite wineries.

Example: We will begin at Burrell School before heading up to Loma Prieta for tasting and a picnic with a beautiful view. At this point we will decide between MJA, Regale, Silver Mountain, and Wright Station… All good choices! Or we could head to the other side of Summit to David Bruce and Byington. Finally, your tour guide will return your group to the location of your choice.

Santa Lucia Highlands Tours: For these tours we will work our way down River Road, along the base of the Santa Lucia Mountain Range. The Santa Lucia Highlands is renowned as one of the best areas for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, but we will certainly find other delicious varietals along the way.

Example: We can start the tour at Odonata, and then visit some of our other favorites along the way: Talbott, Pessagno, Wrath, Puma Road, Hahn, Mazoni, and Paraiso could each end up on the day’s menu, depending on your group’s preference. A typical tour in this area usually visits 4-5 wineries. Finally, your tour guide will return your group to the location of your choice.

Carmel Valley Tours: Camel Valley is fairly compact and most of its wineries are open throughout the week. Tours can be customized very easily to the groups needs, and more wineries can be included based on the timing of the group. Some of our favorite tasting rooms include Parsonage, Boete, Boekenoogen, Holman Ranch, Talbott, Bernardus, Joullian, and more. At the end of the tour, your tour guide will return your group to the location of your choice.

Santa Clara Valley: Located just east of the Santa Cruz Mountains is another of our favorite wine regions full of boutique wineries and down to earth, friendly people. Most of these wineries are found just over Hecker Pass, between the towns of Gilroy and Morgan Hill.

Example: Starting the day at Clos la Chance's beautiful facility is always nice, before heading to some of the more family-style, boutique wineries like: Aver, Sarah's, Kirigin, Satori, and Jason-Stephens... among others. Most of the wineries in this region are located in close proximity so it is easy to cater each tour to the specific needs of your group.

San Benito County AVA (Hollister): We are happy to provide tours of this area as well, please call for special accommodations. Some of our favorites include De Rose, Pietra Santa, Leal, Calera, and Guerra.

Weekday Tours

Weekday Tours will be held Monday-Friday from 11:00am-5:00pm and Mountains to the Bay will offer the same packages and additional services for these tours. Not all of the wineries in this area are open 7 days a week, so weekday tours will be customized based upon the availability of the wineries. Some of the wineries available for weekday tours are listed below. Mountains to the Bay can also make special arrangement to have wineries open for weekday groups based upon availability, and potential sales for the winery.

SCM West: Beauregard, Hallcrest, MJA (summit), Burrell School (Th-Su), Wright Station, (F-Su), Regale (by appt.), Bargetto, Storrs, Most Swift St. wineries,…………………

SCM East: Pichetti, Cooper-Garrod, Savannah-Channelle, Big Basin, Cinnabar, Ridge (by appt.), House (by appt.), MJA (summit), Burrell School (Th-Su), Regale (by appt.), Testarossa (groups over 10 need appt.) …………………………..

SLH: Pessagno, Puma, Hahn, Paraiso, Wrath, Ventana……………………….

Carmel Valley: Most are available throughout the week.